Topic: Any work being done on Items?

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    Was wondering about devs implementing a named Dog… that’d be awesome that has a background and stats and levels up like the Bros

    Didnt see any Rare shields, bows, x-bows in my game… do these exist? will check wiki…

    Also I finished the Orc settlement ambition (i.e. destroy 4 locations controlled by orcs..) and received the reward message and apparently some kind of Orc trophy or necklace? But I had a full inventory at the time and you guys dont have overflow bag so did it just disappear? wtf Overhype??

    Avatar photoicemelon

    Love the idea of a named dog with special skin and stats. Maybe wolf alike?

    One time I losta valuable item too because of no room in my inventory. On the loot window, I misclicked and didn’t rearrange my inventory, so, bye bye good and shiny sword :(

    Avatar photoKorgaah

    Bump….. ok ANOTER suggestion (this has happened to me at least 5 times to where its beyond annoying) Im looking to round out my company with some ranged pokieness so I attempt to recruit hunters, poachers and Bowyers… but guess what NOT. A. SINGLE. ONE. had any skill or stars in ranged attack….. SERIOUSLY OVERHYPE?!??! wtf guys… pls change this so I dont have to freakin save and reload each time when browsing for ranged guys when the ranged guys you offer ARENT REALLY SKILLED AT RANGED

    Oh and they cost an arm and a leg too…

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