Topic: Archer Bug with footwork skill

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    The scenario was following.

    Undead Crises.

    I was fighting a group of Brigands. After a long fight, only a couple Brigands were left. I tried to dagger the knight and the brigand leader. My archers standing near by for some support, if necessary.

    Now to the Bug.

    My Archer is standing next to a dead brigand. After the end of the round, the dead brigand comes back as undead. The new round starts and my archer is first in the turn order. So his Skills “Quick Shot” and “Aimed Shot” are active and his skill “Footwork” is grey. But i can’t use “Quick Shot” or “Aimed Shot”, because of the undead brigand next to my archer. And i can’t use his “Footwork” skill to get some distance to the undead brigand, because the icon is still grey. Only option is pausing his turn and wait.

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    Thanks for reporting.

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