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    Avatar photojikma

    Hi all!
    I worked on some replacement for some armor pieces I like the less, the lamellar/scale/coat of plate armor and the kettle/bascinet/great helm :


    I enjoyed working on these!
    I have some problems adjusting the helmets, still working on it…

    Anyway I like the way it shows up IG, and can’t wait for mod support in order to add a huge lot of variety in equipement!

    Avatar photoDumbo

    That looks super cool! It would be pretty dope to see armors like that in game if mod support does come out for Battle Brothers!

    Ayy Lmao

    Avatar photobatteran

    Very cool.

    More diversity in the “affordable” 150-210 range of body armor is welcome, I think.

    Avatar photogepardowaty

    That’s why you freaking NEED modding(or abillity to add our own items at least…) in your game. Magnificent job mate!

    Avatar photoKlaus

    Despite the lack of modding tools, is there any way at all to make this mod possible?

    I love these designs so much, and I’d love to be able to play with them!

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