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    Yesterday, i was playing BB and my men were on the job to slay 2 bandit barons, it was going perfectly fine, until one of these bandit leaders, armed with double grip warhammer laid a strike on my axe carrier. Holy shit. One of the finest suits of armor was literally destroyed in a single strike. No kidding, one strike was enough to ruin its condition from ~290 to zero. This i found rediculous. I understand why this mechanic is nessesary in terms of game balance, but it really makes no sence! No matter how good your armor, if you meet a hammerfighter in lategame and you have no shield- you rekt by one hit. I cant imagine how a single hole or dent can magically make layered lamellar armor completely useles. But in other cases it works nice, it tooks multiple hits to batter the armor with sword, spear or simmilar weapon and this is okay. Only problem are hammers and probably heavy axes.

    I was thinking of a solution- how about creating a connection between armor’s current durability, it’s resistance to damage and it’s ability to absorb damage? In few words: the more damage armor took already- the less damage it takes with each succeeding strikes, but the amount of damage that goes trough armor is increasing dramatically if armor is about to break (its kinda how it works already, i suppose, this mechanic is very unclear to me). In this case turning armor’s durability to 0 would be almost impossible, but damaged to 20-30% armor wouldn’t provide any reliable protection anymore, still able to save life by soaking bit of damage though.

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    I personally like the armor system. A giant war hammer, likely sheathed in lead to add weight, wielded by a strong man who knew what they were doing, could easily destroy any armor. Can you imagine wearing a suit of metal and getting hit straight-on with one of those? The armor would easily bend and it would likely dent into you, possibly causing physical injuries to your body. It would also make a large part of it useless, it wouldn’t make a tiny dent or hole.

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    Well, even if you armor suffer serious damage, bent and dent into you (btw it implified in the game already, since warhammers gurantee to deliver small portion damage to HP), you aren’t left completely naked and extremely vulnerable to dagger and spear stabs, like it works in the game right now.

    Maybe warhammers could be more focused on deliver damage trough any armor kinda how they do IRL and not removing armor?

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