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    Not sure if this has been covered yet so just wanted to make sure it was out there: When you implement the entourage system, it would feel incredibly incomplete without an armorer/weaponsmith (or maybe even one of each).

    Weapons/armor would not be possible to repaired without them, as would be the case realistically. They could possibly be made one of the cheaper and more readily obtainable followers to compensate. If that is deemed too unfair or unfun when just starting out, tools could simply be consumed at a faster rate without an expert.

    Capability of making new items for cheaper than the shop, but requires time. If followers are designed with a leveling up mechanic, levels could be tied to different tiers/types of weaponry and armor.

    That is all the ideas I have for right now. Thanks for the great game! It still has a lot of potential though ;)

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