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    Hi there.

    I’ve falled in love with this game. And i had a company succeed more than any other i had play. But it become to a great issue: i found some bad ass armours and special shields. They all look so cool that i could not change them even when there are better options in my inventory.

    The worst part comes when… Im actually scared of playing with this concrete company. ¿what if someone destroys my unique shield? what if they finally kill my noseless AND brain-damaged favourite character (he even has his own battlescream: “i’ve lost my nose. What are you ready to loose”)?

    The art of the game. The sense, is THAT good.

    I love tactical games with “band-management”. But this is the only game that makes me feel things like that.

    No way im playing with this band again. I’ll take my screnshots and retire them for good.

    Anyway: keep the great work and have fun while doing it!

    Avatar photoWargasm

    But if you’re taking screenshots and never playing them again, what’s there to lose anyway? You could always back them up in case of disaster …

    Avatar photoactionjack

    O game, why art thou so good and so cruel.

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