Topic: Attach to Standing Armies' Camp during Noble House Crisis

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    Context: So, after reaching day 100 with my “Black Company” in ironman veteran I was in a very though spot. Low level recruits (1-6), with mostly tier 2 weapons and average chain mail (110 armor or so), which were barely able to complete 2 skull contracts while making a profit. So I recklessly decide to help this baron that is offering us 3200 gold or so to see if I can actually start upgrading my equipment. First of all we need to kill some scouts. No problem, the sergeant says. Then we find out that they have much better gear than us. Simple scouts! We kill them with some effort and start healing wounds. Second task is searching for some deserters. Of course they are more and better equipped. We lose one brave soldier. The Black Company commences the exhausting backtracking and then…

    Problem: Some damn brigands start to follow my company. Of course if we go to the main Noble Army (that is currently employing and paying me) and make a camp there, the brigands won’t dare to attack. Wrong. They attack me in front of all those soldiers I’ve been tirelessly helping out the last 2 days, and no one even comes to check out if we are OK. We survived, barely, and then we had to face a more numerous, better equipped enemy noble army that obviously stomped us. Retired after that battle. Only one archer continued with the legacy and soon also died.

    Solution: Just like when you attach to supply/trading caravans, you should be able to join the main camp of your contractors while waiting for further orders and receive help from them if attacked.

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