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    Please add an option to turn off or tune the auto hiding of terrain height. I find it really annoying that switching to another party member causes higher terrain to suddenly disappear. It would be nice if that feature could be disabled (so you manually have to lower the displayed terrain height), and/or modified so that it only auto hides terrain that is higher by X height levels (where X is adjustable).

    Love the latest patch. Upgraded to supporter edition today because I love the openness of the game, and how it adapts the difficulty to your progress – keeping the game challenging.

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    Already in the game. See the ‘Gameplay’ panel of the options menu.

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying the game :)

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    This option was in settings from long ago. Go to ‘Gameplay’ tab -> Camera -> Auto-Adjust Height Level.

    If you want to switch Terrain Height manually, use + and – keys.

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