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    With ironman mode aired some things has turned from “It would be nice” into “Absolutely vital”. And autopause is one of those. Just a moment ago i was playing game, traveling on what i thought was safe road and lost my concentration for a second to scratch my ear and- SURPRISE- pack of goblin wolfriders pops outta nowhere (night+forest around) to butcher my entire team of precious snowflakes.

    I know you might say “Hey doc, just think of it like it was night ambush hurr” But no, it wasnt an ambush, according to ingame time flow my mercs has about 15-20 minutes between enemy spotted and engaging into battle, and there was no way i wanted to be engaged into this battle, it just happened because i had no real time to react on this event properly.

    I would like to suggest automaticly sending game to pause each time new group of enemies appears in vision range for the first time.

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    At least, have the option to check autopause on/off: each time an enemy/trak emerges. But also each time the group stops.

    I find my self with some problems too. Specially when traking someone.

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