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    I think it would add variety and customization (especially to the economy of the game), as well as some satisfying theme, if characters of different backgrounds gave passive out of battle campaign benefits. These could be cumulative, minor, and slightly randomized. Here are some suggestions, for instance:

    Messenger: +2-3% increased movement speed on the map OR Faster movement speed during cargo and emissary missions
    Peddler: +1-3% better prices on buying and selling OR +3-5% better prices on trade goods
    Caravan Hand: +3-5 inventory space
    Miller: Food lasts 1 days longer OR 4-6% better Sale price on food
    Adventurous Noble: +2-3% chance of legendary items available at smiths (better wares being brought out for estimable customers) OR better prices on weaponry
    Deserter: +2-4 Melee/Ranged defense for all brothers when fleeing
    Monk: +3-5% of fallen brothers surviving OR 5-7% chance of surviving brothers having no permanent injuries OR injuries have a 20-30% chance of healing 1 day faster
    Historian: +3-7% renown gain OR % chance of finding additional valuable loot
    Old Soldier: +2-4% Exp gain
    Witch Hunter: +1-3 resolve against psychological checks
    Bowyer: +6-8% better buy/sell price on ranged weapons and ammunition
    Raider: +x% of getting loot OR money gain in loot
    Graverobbers: +% of valuable loot against undead
    Militiamen: +% reputation gain in villages and towns
    Hunters/lumberjacks/farmers could even just offer better prices on associated goods, or something simple

    These are just some ideas but there are so many possibilities. I would love for my company to be even more able to follow a certain theme, it would really add to the game, and I always found it a little sad that all these different classes don’t actually contribute any material difference or expertise to the company other than the odd relevant event. After reading their great background information, I real feel like that fat, crippled wheeler-dealer “Jost the Snake” ought to be hobbling his way around the town looking for a good deal for the good of the company!

    Avatar photoMurgen

    Oh and these different attributes could be capped, to stop an entire party of peddlers running around making stupid money or whatever ^^

    Avatar photoAlexander

    I do like the idea of certain brothers giving “team benefits.” I also have seen a handful of “events” where a peddler sells something for you, or an brawler trains another character, etc. Personally I love the Wildman one. But I agree having more tangible benefits definitely breathe a bit more colour into the strategy.

    Be careful, though — having too many “necessary” benefits will cause a lot of players to create “ideal” teams covering all the bases, and that can cut down on variety. Personally, I’d like to see more unique traits (or “quirks”) that characters start with, that aren’t limited to occupation.

    Avatar photoMaksi666

    wow, this out of combat changes sound so well thought of . they are beautiful because they dont give direct combat bonuses , but small bonuses perfect for expanding the game depth, in which i mean further party customisation, where choosing a character would finally not only come down to good traits and stars. anyone feels there is a bug with stars, that sometimes characters will get +3 melee attack instead of 4 melee attack even though they have 3 stars in melee ?~~
    on the sidenote~~

    Avatar photoNomack

    Agree, these small benefits would give the campaign strategy a nice tangible touch to play with. Different approach could be to work on more random events for the available backgrounds, to provide more variety and with that increased chance of those random events.

    But definitely permanent benefits would be easier to implement that new events with flavor text etc.

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