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    This game is incredibly fun – and hard, I keep getting my ass kicked! I’m still pretty much a rookie, but I have some suggestions that I think might add some strategic depth to the game.

    I think other people already made some suggestions on increasing the importance of Backgrounds. Right now, it seems to me that Backgrounds are just that… backgrounds. They add some backstory to the characters, sometimes there is a trait attached (e.g., gain experience faster, etc.), and they also determine random events. But other than that, they don’t play too much of a role.

    My suggestion is that Backgrounds be turned more and more into classes, with specific traits and skills that further differentiate characters. In particular, I think that there’s a lot of room to add Background Skills and Traits that affect the World Map, instead of just combat. Examples, could be, for instance, a poacher having a % chance of bringing in some food every day; a blacksmith apprentice reducing the number of tools needed to repair weapons and armor OR help repair equipment faster; a monk/priest/healer increasing the speed that healing occurs; etc. Some characters could increase travel speed in general or increase travel speed on rugged terrain.

    Other Background traits would be relevant mostly for combat, e.g., increased combat accuracy and defense for a hedge knight. Bards (?) could have an effect of increasing the Resolve of characters and reducing the probability that they’d break in combat. Some Backgrounds could have mostly combat traits, others could have traits that affect mostly the World Map, as described above, while others could have a mix of the two. Also, the benefits of some characters could simply be that they’re cheap and have low maintenance (e.g., daytaler)

    These Backgrounds traits could be implemented in many different ways, such as:
    1) Static Traits – Characters start the game with a set of Background Traits and retain those same traits throughout the game;
    2) Evolving Traits (deterministic) – Traits improve as characters gain levels, becoming more powerful (e.g., poacher initially has a probability of 20% each day of bringing 1-2 food at level 1, at level 2 this increases to 30%, etc.; another class can increase World Map speed by 10% at level 1 and then 15% at level 5; etc.
    3) Evolving Traits (skill tree) – Same as above, but we can decide how traits will evolve based on a Class Skill Tree.

    I imagine this can be quite complex to implement, especially in a way that maintains game balance (to what extent would World Map bonuses be cumulative, for example? how can specific bonuses be exploited, etc), but in the end it could add a lot of complexity to how the game is played.

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    I have already proposed to start adding perk’s tree based on the background (or a background type) character. Let me explain. Now, hiring a knight or a beggar, you know approximately what his stats are and what you can now improve the basic combat characteristics of a fixed number of points – also eliminates the difference in backgrounds. Just as a result of a mercenary is a little bit better and the other worse. Perk’s tree based on the background of the character will allow you to cultivate a truly unique mercenary . You can do that at reception level, you will have 2 points of perks – 1 common – you spend it as usual, and one special, you can only spend on perks and wood background character.
    But we need to understand, that this is a lot of work for developers. So in technical terms and in terms of balance.

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