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    Good evening gentlemen. I am recommending an elaborate system of Battle Chatter be added that will allow our tiny men to chat with one another regarding relevant topics. For example when my Fisherman heroically kills an enemy that has battered my brave Soldierman nearly to death, one or both of them can make a comment about it that can briefly appear as a little text bubble over their respective heads whilst not interfering with the flow of battle in any way.

    Furthermore, since this system will recognize such activities as mentioned above, I suggest adding another elaborate system known as Battle Memory. This will allow each Brother to remember notable combat actions and, based on their prior relations and backgrounds, to respond to one another accordingly and possibly receive perks which can provide various bonuses when they are fighting adjacent to one another. If the ability to pull wounded Brothers away from danger is added (perhaps as a perk in the Support tree) it would be greatly appreciated and recognized by all your men, creating a sense of happiness when around that brother. If a Brother is particularly good at lopping off Goblin heads he can receive a Goblin Slayer perk for example and make his nearby allies more confident with him at their side when facing Goblins.

    The possibilities are nearly endless when you factor in all the character backgrounds (Cultist, Butcher, etc), combat actions, and even which contracts the player chooses to accept and for which faction/party.

    Namaste friends.

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