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    Quite often, when I am using perfect focus on my archer (or crossbowman), the first kill of a round does not give me back fatigue. I do have the battle flow perk on the character.

    I will provide my dxdiag and log.html, though I’m not sure if this happened in the last fight. Sometimes the perk works, sometimetimes it doesn’t. I can make sure to provide the log after it happens if this is necessary.

    Avatar photoTheIronDuke

    Apparently my log.html exceeds allowed filesize, so it wouldn’t let me upload it.

    Avatar photoRap

    Can you zip it and then attach it? Thanks.

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    Avatar photoTheIronDuke

    Here it is zipped. The second-most recent battle. My perfect focus archer killed an orc young in the first round and did not get fatigue back.

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