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    Some battles drag on and become tedious when you have to hunt around the map looking for a hiding/running enemy. The result of the battle is already established, but the player has to hunt around. Maybe not fun? … Maybe introduce a whole-force morale break-point? In this way the battle ends with some survivors but the result is clear and the player can move on to the next quest/battle etc. It’s just a suggestion.

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    It could work in the fashion of the total war series. The enemy faction breaks completely or does an orderly retreat you could get a window asking you if you want to fight on and maybe get some of them or let them go and end the battle right now.
    If you fight on you should have the option to end the battle later at any point in case you realise you cannot chase them.

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    Oh yes — that is cool idea.

    Also, by adding a whole-force morale breakpoint, it could open up new strategies for the player, who could try for a psychological/morale victory even when outnumbered or out-muscled (by Orcs, for example). Maybe some traits/skills could be added to expand this idea?

    I also wonder about adding a “fighting retreat” option for the player — this would allow to quit a battle without, for example, losing most (or all) “brothers”?

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