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    Now, I may have foolishly missed many obvious signs you intend to implement the ideas I’m about to propose, or that you intend to never implement into your wonderful wonderful game, yes I said wonderful 3 times now because well… its wonderful. I just know that I would truly enjoy having a siege battle. Where a lord will hire you to follow his “army” 20-30 guys to a castle/village/town/watchtower/camp/etc/etc and you besiege it, you could add turn based waiting, were on a random turn the lords catapult will destroy the gates and you charge your men in with his to conquer the castle but while you wait you hold a skirmish battle where you pit your archers and varied skirmish soldiers on the low ground vs theirs on their walls. and when you charge in you fight in the courtyards, after conquering the courtyard, you’re given the option to retreat out and take a breather, loosing the potential of anymore loot, the renown of the victory, maybe some dislike from the lord that hired you. but you save your men if you took a beating in the first wave. If you choose to charge forward you enter the castle where you fight up the stairs to the throne room and along the stairs they have crossbowmen, knights, and other soldiers fighting you. and lastly at the throne is their leader/sovereign/mayor/etc. You can see the many variations you could have of these fights, as long as that’s where the engagement takes place. You could also be a defender, but be warned when defending if you retreat/cower and hide, you will lose the majority of your men while hiding in the hay bales, and take the largest reputation hit of the game doing so. But when you win the battle the hiring lord takes possession of the castle, and you are rewarded greatly, with treasures, renown, cheaper mercs and goods at those castles/villages/whatever, and some good contracts from that lord, like patrolling his roads, or fighting bandits in the area for larger reward money than others that offer the same contract.

    And secondly, (I apologize for this long LONG winded post) naval warfare. But not like cannons and other things of the like, like medieval men, with archers firing at each other, while you sail near each other to board and destroy them. But with you always as the defender because its just a random event while fast traveling between ports. To be attacked by pirates and you fight them off, while every full turn the boats get closer till they collide -potentially killing some men randomly from the impact, throwing them over board or just being injured by splinters- and then the battle ensues.

    Now its just food for thought, you could make us fight pigeons and I’d still love this game. I will continue to play no matter what, and continue to refer people to this game. I just thought those were fun ideas, and if they’ve been said, I apologize for saying them again, if not than yay me for originality ;). Thanks for reading my essay, good day!

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