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    Based off of how other factions tend to have leaders and extra tough units, I had a few ideas on what to add to the beast faction

    anyone can pile beast ideas into this topic if they wish.


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    I would love to see an alpha dire wolf. The new dire-wolf rework is WAY more intimidating then the original ware wolves (just cause they’re so intimidating looking :D )

    But a great addition this remake of wolves would be an alpha wolf, who howls to rally his pack or even calls in reinforcements hiding in the shadows of nearby foliage!

    Or, now that Dire-Wolves are the main staple of the beast faction, a battle hardened Ware Wolf of the old times could lead them. Making them superior in moral and stamina and health points compared to dire wolves, as well as being much smarter for their experience and half human mind.


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    Giants would be an interesting addition as well. They could have the most health out of any other unit, including orc warlords. They’re super slow, and if they’re fighting along side bandits or beasts, they will have no problem swinging around and hitting everybody. And their attack is tremendous, and can send battle brothers flying two tiles away. but they only attack once per turn, and they can’t attack at all if they move one tile.

    they’re also much easier to scare away than you’d think. they’re size hides the fact that they have the intelligence of a toddler, and may run away in the heat of combat, despite odds being in their favour.

    that’s my idea of an interesting giant to face in battle. maybe they could work along side bandits, or just hang with any beast-folk who pass by, taking scraps that the beasts leave behind after a battle, which he can help out in.


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    last idea of the day involves giant spiders.

    A beast that could be the most nimble among all others. they’re super fast, and have a large amount of stamina (or have actions that aren’t very fatiguing)

    They can shoot webbing nets onto their opponent, and their bites have the same venom as that of goblins (which could be the very source of poison the goblins use on their blades). They also have superior morality since they’re insectile mind isn’t muddled with fear or moral reasoning.

    They’re also immune to the aim bonuses of spears since they’re legs and small body aren’t ideal targets for stabbing.

    What they lack is health. a sliver of health really. two stabs with a butter knife is all it takes, so long as you can land them.

    They’re horrible at penetrating armour. Even clothing stands a good chance of protecting the individual from a venomous bite.

    They also barely do any damage. it would take numerous bites from numerous spiders to bring a person down for good.

    A monster like this makes me wonder how Paul would make a spider, since they don’t have an actual head or shoulders that all other units have on the battlefield. would you draw the whole thing? or add just the body with no legs?


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    Actually there are tons of monsters in the worlds folklore, just look at Witcher (book, not the game!) there you can find at least 3 types of vampires and many other monsters. Actually adding different monsters living in the woods and swamps and sometimes attacking people and other factions could be good. And for sure you will be able to get contracts to destroy that monsters. So, my suggestion is to make game not only the sell-swords simulator, but also a monster hunter simulator, all at the background of the conflict. Adding alchemist store and different non-magic potions could also be very good imo.

    And about monster, here is my suggestion.
    Large monster with his body hidden underground, so only a little part of it is actually seen, and is immobile, but he has a tentacles which move underground and can quickly hide and then come up. Your goal will be to fight those tentacles and destroy his body once you manage to get to it.

    Sorry for possible mistakes, English isn’t my native. =)

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    Wear-bears and wear-cats(jaguars/ocelots) please which can wield weapons as well as bite/slash.

    Were-virus anyone?
    Infected BBs have a chance to transform once a month during night battles and go berzerk.

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