Topic: Berserk Perk and Two-Handed Weapons

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    I’ve always avoided using the Berserk perk for warriors with two-handed weapons, because the description (i.e. “no more than 4 action points for any one attack”) makes me assume that the extra action points will not be useable for any skill that costs more than 4 action points, even if enough action points are now available for such a skill.

    Am I right, or does Berserk actually allow you to use two big attacks in one turn?

    Avatar photoRusBear

    it works fine if you kill enemy without move( 9 ap – 6 ( kill) + 4 = 7 = you may kill again ))

    Avatar photoWargasm

    Awesome. But damn; I wish I’d known all this time …

    Avatar photoWanderer

    Mileage will vary depending on which 2H weapon you’re using.

    Harder to get two attacks with a greataxe (no reach, have to already have two enemies in melee range), easier with greatsword and polearms (split/swing and reach, along with the +hit bonus on greatsword and pikes), easiest with warbrands (4 AP only single target attack). With warbrands if you do it right, you can even get 3 attacks in the same turn. Whether your fatigue is looking so hot after all the swinging is a different question.

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