Topic: [Beta patch] Of unique shields and smashing them in combat

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    Avatar photoDanubian

    So ive got one of them new unique shields, the brown leathery one, and here is a problem. While it has an increased durability, this doesnt seem to make much difference. Ive had an orc with the axe thingie destroy it in 1 hit, and ive had a bandit raider destroy it in 1 turn with 2 hits (iirc).

    So here is a question.

    Is that working as designed?

    It feels a bit odd to have unique shields that drop pretty rarely, only to have them smashed into pieces, practically the next battle…

    Would you consider either making unique shields unbreakable, or better yet, if broken in battle, make them reappear in inventory after the battle with 0 durability, or something.

    It feels like such a shame to lose items like that.

    Avatar photoWargasm

    I always avoid using precious looted shields against orcs. I usually use their own giant metal ones against them, so that they exhaust themselves trying to split them and then can’t attack much.

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