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    Hello, as I was saving the game with the latest beta some menus started overlapping and the game became unresponsive for a moment. I pressed esc to exit the save menu and I couldn’t use it after that, unsure if it’s an isolated bug or if it could happen again so I entered a battle hoping it would autosave and exited the game so I could report it, post the log, the savefile and a screenshot if it can be of any help.

    Just not to start two topics and because I’m again not certain if it’s a bug or intended but I’ve been sent on some occasions on a quest location on the other side of the map. Whereas in previous builds of the game the quest locations tended to be rather close to the city giving you the aforementioned quest. The town that gave me the quest had the situation with the afraid populace (or something similar, I’m going by memory) yet the location causing trouble is on the other side of the map, I’m being sent there for 460 gold in the early game which is barely profitable. I just made a backup save and took a screenshot.

    Sorry for the rant, I’m loving the new update and I hope I can help find potential issues.

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