Topic: Black Monolith achievment – cruel joke : )

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    Avatar photole_souriceau

    There were some talk about balance last days. Goblins, swordmasters, other dangers. But now I found REAL TROUBLE, so to say.

    After long searches I located Black Monolith in my world and readied my sword to claim steam achievment.

    Indeed I knew it will be trouble, but what I seen was… beyond… any… expectations…

    (I moved mercs a bit just to see all enemy horde)

    How can I possibly ever win against such force?! 47 ancient undead, tonns of legionaires and honour guard, 3 priests and 7 necrosavants.

    Vet diffilucty. Day 270.

    Current encounter balance (to be more precise — its scaling in time/renown or how it works) is just cruel joke. Even on veteran diffuculty some encounters just impossible on theoretical level. Simply no chances at all.

    This must be seriously considered for final relise.

    Avatar photoArchlord

    Someone said that you can kill like 15, retreat, heal and then come again, kill 15 and repeat till you kill everybody.

    Avatar photoKuroi_Kaze

    You are not prepared!
    I wander, is it in every game?

    Avatar photole_souriceau

    Well, I indeed can retreat again and again… and possibly even “win” at the end (after weeks of sieging this locaton). But this is DEFINETLY not how game meant to be played. Not a bit of joy in such “victories”.

    This is game about tactical combat, not “kill x enemies, teleport from combat, return later”.

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