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    First of all – i am very glad that game go on developmented and we still have new content and DLC. Is is most important for me. Also i am very glad of adding new( many years asked) mechanic of non combat followers. It is not made ideal but it still great. The fact that perks still got same changes in some rigth direction- very good too. Thank you for keeping my favorite game alive. As you know i am old fan of this tactic brilliat game. But as far i am real fan i must say that new DLC shows very clear that we have balance problems. South armies with guns and mass bombs amd mass f nimble too powerfull and only blindeman can’t see it. But that is more sadly- i see that mass nimble duelist builds have no alternative. BF and heavy build too weak and it outlogical and makes me sadly remember old times when all was more balanced in our game.

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    I agree with alot of what is said here, the fact is that conscripts are way too strong for them to be what they represent i.e. a non-professional soldiers.

    Nimble simply puts their survivabilty over the top, this problem is exacerbated by the fact there’s not really any good weapon choices to make to counter nimble unlike battle forged. Battle forged is countered by warhammers or puncuture or even bypassed by maces with high armor ignore, but nothing really lets you go through nimble except maybe bleed or poison but neither of those are viable for killing the large number of conscripts that are in southern forces.

    This leads to a situation were fighting southern forces simply is no fun.

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    Mans, do you also have suicide-like south caravan hands or I spoiled their AI with mods?

    I got next AI-log for them:

    Turn started for Conscript
    -> Behaviors to pick from:
    Engage.Melee (192)(*), Idle (1), Defend (0), BreakFree (0), Retreat (0), Attack.Thresh (0), Attack.CrushArmor (0), Attack.Default (0), Attack.SplitShield (0), Attack.Swing (0), Attack.Split (0), WakeUpAlly (0), Protect (0), Attack.Decapitate (0), Attack.KnockOut (0), Attack.Lash (0), Attack.Gash (0), Attack.Reap (0), Attack.Puncture (0), Defend.Spearwall (0), Defend.Shieldwall (0), Defend.Knockback (0), Defend.Riposte (0), Defend.Rotation (0), Recover (0), SwitchTo.Melee (0), SwitchTo.Ranged (0), Defend.Indomitable (0), Flee (0)
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