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    In just the last encounter my Bloodthirsty brother (Wilreich) with the woodcutter’s axe didn’t take the head off a weiderganger. In fact he killed it turn 7, no fatality, it got up turn 8, and he knocked it down again, no fatality.

    Again in a recent battle with orcs he killed 2, and got no heads. His skull throne is not growing quickly. Or, I’m misunderstanding the trait description – Does it need to be exclusively head damage? Do they need to have 0 head armor? Or should all kills result in fatalities and my poor brother has a bug? If it’s just a misunderstanding of fatality mechanics, fair, but that description is misleading. If it is a bug the log is in the attachments.

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    For fatalities to the head (beheading, skull crushed) the bloodthirsty attacker still needs to land a killing blow to the head. Conversely, for a fatality to the body (disembowled), the killing blow needs to connect with the body and not the head. The bloodthirsty trait sets the chance of a fatality occuring to 100%, regardless of weapon/skill, but does not change where the killing blow lands.

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    Ah, I need to pay more attention to their deaths tiles then, he must have been disembowling everyone. I’ll be honest I only ever noticed the flashy head flying, and never even realized body blows could lead to fatalities. I’ll pay more attention to that from now on. Thanks for the info, and the reply.

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