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    Suns Zenith:
    Let the Flame burn evermore. Feed it your sorrow, anger, regrets and pain. Empty yourself from all but the Flame. Let it scorch our enemies as we trample them. For we have fire in our veins and it burns away all mercy. We are the everflame!

    Bloody suns:
    An ancient band of which is said to have been founded by a royal bastard. First known as the Order of the Sun. It outdates most of the noble houses history. Back then the order was composed mostly of knights who flocked to follow the lead of the bastard prince Argon, the founder and leader of the company. Any able man could join the company as long as they followed the Path of the Sun, vows to uphold the honor of themselves and the company, to act in defense of the realm and it’s people even at personal risk or detriment, to never abandon their duty, to claim no reward greater than would can be spared and to forever pass on the Flame.
    In the year of the gryphon at the battle of Red Wastes all changed. The order stood against an orc invasion threatening the realm and were betrayed by their king. King Artemir was jealous of his half-brother Argons growing fame and reputation as a great warrior. He saw his brother as a competitor for the throne, a dangerous rival. Thus he ordered the company to defend the Blood Keep, a frontier fort deep in the hostile territory of the red Wastes. Expecting the promised reinforcements the company defended the keep from the orcs for five days in a row, an impressive feat by itself. Exhausted beyond measure and seeing themselves surrounded by enemies and no reinforcement within sight, it became clear they were betrayed. Stung by the betrayal Argon let it fuel his rage and led his company forth. After another three days of grueling combat the Order of the Sun fought themselves free of the keep. Though at a steep cost. Many men were killed in battle. The company once a small army, now decimated to a few survivors. Argon, no time to recuperate for word of his survival would travel fast, led his band to his half-brothers capital.
    The king not expecting his brother to survive and hearing the tales of how the Blood Keep had fallen believed his brother deceased and his company erased. He finally ordered his armies to go and defend the border of the realm. While the kings guard was down the order of the sun succeeded in infiltrating the capital. After the armies were far out of sight the Order of the Sun butchered the few remaining opposing military at the capital, drenching the streets in red. After a brief, bloody struggle Argon confronted his brother and finally cut off his deceiving head. He then mounted it on the throne he apparently loved so much, only to succumb to his own wounds, old and new, shortly thereafter.
    Having no royal heir, the throne became vacant and the nobles saw their chance. Houses turned on each other, some erased from history. The realm was plunged into chaos. Battles were fought everywhere, thousands were killed. The poor and innocent suffered. The realm fractured into small pieces. Much of the lands lost to the invading greenskins with none to oppose them. The few remaining knights of the Order of the Sun, having already betrayed their vows and without a leader, left the realm to its own struggles.
    Years later the remainder of the realm somewhat stabilized to small skirmishes between noble houses. Marked as the ones that kindled the flames of war and plunged the realm into years of bloody conflict, the Order of the Sun became henceforth known as the Bloody Suns. Once a renowned company now diminished to a ragtag mercenary band with a bloody history. And here we continue our tale. With the last three remaining believers in the Path of the Sun, though through an amended version. Their heritage one of war and blood. A dark past to overcome. They hope for a chance to restore their honor or at least fill their pockets.

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    I really like the way you tie the origin of the company to the story of the realm and why it is how it is when we enter it as the player.

    I’m not sure why the Order of the Sun wern’t executed on grounds of treason, but hey ho I’m still with you story-teller.

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