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    Avatar photoactionjack

    Would hope to see some unique boss enemies in the game. Some tweak in the art/skin from the enemy types (even if just color swap), boost of stats, different or enhanced abilities, and matching unique drops.
    They would be pretty rare spawn, or even have sub story/campaign linking to it.

    Idea example, Silver Fang, a white Direwolf. Beside stronger stats, can also do up to 4 attacks per turn, and heal small % of its own HP each turn. Killing it give you a white direwolf pelt, which could be crafted in to an unique white direwolf armor.

    Avatar photoSuperCaffeineDude

    Really like the idea of an albino wolf, I think that’s some nice low-hanging fruit. There are some boss enemies already in game, the greenskins and undead have leader units, I would dig some less intense bounty quests for particularly nasty individuals though like direwolves and petty murderers.

    Avatar photoRusBear

    Without a doubt, these things – attention to detail, unique enemies, unusual quests, rare events, and as a consequence – a little craft and bonuses determine the quality of the game, will add a lot of pluses. But, I’m afraid, devs has so much work on the mechanics of party morality and “lategame evil” that they simple do not have time for this.

    Avatar photoNed Stark

    “The beast faction is not a typical faction as it is not united within itself. This faction consists of all kinds of dangerous and mystical creatures that roam the lands independently and threaten its inhabitants.”

    Perhaps this could come in the form as stated above/on the Factions part of this website.

    Dragons would be cool, but hey, this isn’t Skyrim.

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    Avatar photoactionjack

    Well, I could see different level of effort for such thing, from a sample color swap and variable stat change, to more something more fancy.

    Still, a unique, named enemy that are challenge to defeat would certainly add a sense of extra achievement (not to mention the special rewards)

    Hopefuly, they might even open this part up for moding, so crowd source the effort.

    Other boss could be like a D’thor the Fellmancer (fancy necromancer), Sander the Fox (fancy Bandit leader), ,Zorko the Butcher (fancy Orc zerker), etc. You get the point.

    Avatar photoAdamTheGreat

    Named bandits and orcs have already been implemented. I have never defeated a named orc, but as for the bandits, they do drop unique, or at least named, equipment wth better stats.

    Avatar photobarafundle

    +1. We definitely need more battle variety and challenge for the late game. Bosses with 2000+ hp will help to create interesting new dynamics and give us something to work towards in the late game.

    Avatar photoHuman Warlord

    Actually really good idea, especially adding Legandary Ork Warlod/Goblin Warlord and Grand Necromancer maybe add them for “lategame crisis” like last boss?

    Avatar photobobombnik

    I like the idea that was mentioned earlier about contracts regarding ‘specialized’ encounters.. for example. maybe for one of the ‘townsfolk have been disappearing’ events, you’re hired to track down a ‘killer on the run’. You could go several ways with that type of encounter:

    1) The killer could be a special/named unit, but otherwise just be your typical engagement.
    2) You could base a secondary event off of this event, where once you have found the killer you have the potential to resolve the contract by convincing the killer to join your company (similar-ish to the deserter event during the noble war).

    You could do this for a variety of things.. poachers, thieves, killers, a particularly nasty direwolf, etc. Would add some great variety and a bit of ‘life’ to the contracts.

    Avatar photoMike


    I’m generally against artificial variety basedf on color and stat swaps, but it could actually work nicely for some rare and unique encounters.

    I also like the idea of pelts and other trophies, even if they were purely aesthetic in nature… For balance reasons I’d add a special “Vanity” slot which makes items visible on a bro but gives no stat bonuses. I really like my goblin ear necklace but always have something more useful to put in a slot…

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