Topic: Bug: none hostile army pursuing my warband

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    Playing the barbarian raiders origin. Got a hostile noble house army on my tail, then came another noble house’s army, which I have cold relation with. This second noble house’s army join the pursue with the hostile one.

    If I let the second (cold, non-hostile) army collide with my party, won’t trigger combat.
    If I let the second (cold, non-hostile) army collide with a barbarian camp and I go attack that camp, this army won’t show up.
    If I let the first (hostile) army collide with the barbarian camp, and then I attack that camp, both the hostile and the cold armies will show up in the battlefield against the barbarians. In this encounter, I start with the second (cold) army besides me as if we had neutral relation; the first (hostile) army will start at the top of the map like in usual triple-factions fray. After all the barbs were delt with, the cold relation army will go idle in the battlefield, letting me and the hostile noble house to finish our business.

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