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    So I have encountered a few bugs during my time in the battles. I am not sure if any of them have been reported but better safe the sorry right? First and foremost I have had enemies that spawn in a unreachable spot, IE: in the middle of a single tile that was surrounded by nothing but trees. Second was seemingly randomly the combat would just freeze at the beginning of either one of my merc’s turns or a NPC’s. It would not let me scroll and clicking did nothing. I haven’t found any way to fix that besides to exit out of the battle. I have waited for about an hour the first time for it to unfreeze, but nothing. I do not need to explain what a horrible feeling it is when you are a fighting a 10v32 battle against bandits. Anyways. Not sure if those have been reported, just thought I might as well make sure it is! I freaking love this game. I cannot wait till the game is completed. You guys have made an excellent game so far! You all have amazing talent!

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    The first bug…I had one too.Its rare and occur only only(mostly?) in forest.

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    If the second issue ever occurs again for you, please upload your logfile here. See the sticky post on how to get to it. Thanks!

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    logfile put in the archive first,because it could be too heavy to upload on forum.

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