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    i saw many times that enemies makes more damage then they can be able.

    one such case I have described in the topic of discussion of the patch.
    Now another example with the log.
    The last battle in the log. At the beginning of the battle bandit thug shoot by short bow in mercenary named “WTF The Natural Killer” and causes 26 armor and 10 hp damage. mercenary armor is 150 + 150 and the perk on wearing heavy armor (BF). It is easy to calculate that the enemy could not cause any damage to such armor (if perk works just as it is written in the description) and health. I am sure that this “error” (?) is systematic but it is difficult to track. this is evident in the beginning of the battle when you armor is full ang log clean and you can easily calculate the damage. I can assume that the enemies have forgotten to remove from the script perk sundering strike.

    If the system of damage calculation has been changed or ( it can be so) i am wrong in my knowing how it works, please make these descriptions changelog/ explanation that we are not bothered developers by wrong conclusions and bug reports.
    sory my english. thanks for reading

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