Topic: Bug with Root Undead from Locations contract

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    So my “root undead from two different locations” contract during lategame crisis just finished after one battle.

    I went for the necromancer area first, they were a group that was running away.
    After chasing them down and killing them I got the pop-up that they were defeated, first part of the quest completed.
    The quest text tells me to go to the second location.

    Game still paused (I think) I enter the inventory and swap gear around then exit back to the world map.
    I get the same pop up for defeating the Necromancers, now the quest is at the phase where I have to head back to town, but there is still a questmarker over the second location.

    Then I saved and reloaded, now the questmarker for the 2nd location is gone and I can still hand in the contract.

    I attached logfile, screenshots of the worldmap (after the bug happened and after reload) and the savegame.

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    I forgot to upload..

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    Fixed. Thanks for reporting.

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