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    I have experianced a really disturbing bug in the Beast and exploration dlc, before that I wasn’t experiance this.
    So the bug is I raid ruins, there are lot of undead troops there, with necromancers, armored wieders, and fallen heroes. The last one was 2 necromancers, about 10 fallen heroes, and about 20 armored wieders, at day 240 on the second difficult level. I won that after a hard fight, and I just got a signet ring 174 gold, an armor attachment, and just the stuff from zombies… That is a bit low, I have expected much more, maybe an epic item, because when I have defeted other undead army from graveyard location, I got stuff worth about 3500 gold, and there was one necromancer only, and 2-4 fallen heroes…
    I think the reward from ruins is sheeeet… it seems buggy

    Any idea?
    Thank your !

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