Topic: Can you keep the old skeletons too please?

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    The Ancient dead faction sounds great, and i will be happy to see those in combat as well as their “cultural background”; but it still will be sad if the necromancer squads will no longer have skeletons. Yes, they are “just your generic fantasy skeletons”, stupid default undead, but i feel like i will be missing them. Perhaps you will think again about removing those guys from the game totally? Why cant they exist together? (For example, as the necromancer’s attempts to recreate Ancient dead using more “young” material, or whatever)?

    Thank you.

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    Didn’t even know that skeletons were going to disappear. I think it fits the necromancers perfectly. Those risen by necromancers aren’t ancient dead, just risen!

    Avatar photoIeuan Mawr

    I agree wit this sentiment. The new Ancient Undead faction looks great (and also incredibly, incredibly, hard to fight). The generic and newer undead were challenging and pretty cool. I replayed my one battle against them three times and didn’t win. It would be good to have an undisciplined, shambling undead in the game as a stepping stone, maybe they could just be linked to graveyards and fortresses. The way they were spread out was evocative of newly risen skeletons, still somewhat purposeless – until the player comes into their ken.

    All the best

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    thank you LEGS_Luthor!

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