Topic: Character with "Impatient" trait inconsistently starts first in first round

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    Recruited a character with new “Impatient” trait. It said he would always start first in the first round of each battle, but this does not happen consistently. As you can see from one of the screenshots, he is way down the order at the start of that battle (and all the direwolves have already had their turn). However, in some other battles, he has indeed started before anyone else, including even the direwolves.

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    Confirming the problem only in my game the character _never_ started first.
    No matter if you battle vs direwolves or even skeletons.

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    I think what happens is that the impatient character does always start first in battles where the formation is retained, but never in those ones where the formation is muddled.

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    Nope. The above isn’t always the case. I began a new campaign to experiment. I had one guy (Baldomar) with the impatient trait, and another (Walter) with the Adrenaline perk/skill. In battle, began in regular formation (probably c. 11:40am in the newer logs), the guy with the highest initiative (neither of those) was the first to act, and “impatient” Baldomar didn’t act till about 6th in the first round. At the end of the first round, I moved Walter into the midst of the melee and then used the Adrenaline skill so that he would act first in the next round. In the next round, however, Baldomar was indeed impatient and was first to act, and Walter was only second to act.

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