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    Avatar photoRahziel

    In battle log Bleeding inflicts 5 damage, but Cleaver’s tooltip still says it inflict 10 damage.

    Avatar photoWargasm

    It inflicts 5 damage on two consecutive turns, resulting in a total of “10 damage over time”. If you take the mastery perk, it does 10 damage on two consecutive turns, and the text updates for the relevant character to say “20 damage over time”, I think. I almost reported something like this a while back, but I’m pretty sure it all turned out to be accurate.

    Avatar photoRap

    What Wargasm said.

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    Avatar photoRahziel

    Then it should mention it in such a way as not to be misleading: “Inflicts N damage total over duration of N turns.”
    or “Inflicts N damage at the end of each turn for N turns if hit not stopped by armor.”

    Right now it says “damage over time” and that is associated with a damage inflicted per tick for as long as it lasts (be it 2 turns or 3 because of traits), well, for me at least.

    And a Perk mention it as ‘per turn‘ too, but Cleave skill’s tooltip does not. That’s where misunderstanding is coming from.

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