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    The story suggests you do not create the Company you play, but that you become the one in charge when your superior dies in battle.
    So what about the Company’s actions and story before you gain control?
    I think it would be cool if the Company had a (randomly generated or selectable by player, as late game crises will be) history of some kind with the world, and I do not mean only flavour text but also that said randomized background could carry its own weight into that playthrough.

    I’ll make some random examples, feel free to add/discuss/insult (XD) ofc!

    Ancient Heritage
    Company was founded long ago by an once renowned noble family, that suddenly fell into disgrace, circumstances known to few.
    + triggers events where people remember.
    + noble houses are more inclined to hire you.
    + triggers late-game quest to retrieve lost ancient weapon (said ancient heritage =P).
    – triggers battle with old enemies that made said noble family fall in disgrace.
    – increased reputation loss when failing contracts with noble houses.

    Dark Call
    Company has a shady past, and you’ve heard disturbing rumors about it being some kind of Militant Order sworn to unholy masters. But that can’t be true, right?
    + triggers events where necromancers ask you to retrieve things for them (rings any bell? XD).
    + undead enemies prefer to chase other enemy groups over you.
    + triggers late-game quest to retrieve magic tome with the option of burning or keeping it.
    – triggers battle with noble house-like enemies that want to end your supposed evil legacy.
    – more cultist recruits (Ph’nglui mlgw’nafh Davkul R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn. Nn’nilgh’ri, nn’nglui. Sgn’wahl sll’ha ep’shogg. XD).

    Monster Slayers
    When someone had bigger problems than petty thugs, problems they where too scared to face, your Company was the always the first choice. It was a hard life, true that, but you made a difference back then and some people still remember, for better or worse.
    + more monster-related contracts.
    + triggers events where peasants and townfolks give you little supplies for past deeds.
    + triggers late-game quest to venture into uncharted territory to slay named ork (arch-)enemy.
    – triggers battle with monster enemies filled with hatred against your Company
    – less human-related contracts.

    All of this could work well with retirements options, by giving an addictional “background specific” option with its own requirements.

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    EDIT: in the first line of the Ancient Heritage example I meant
    + triggers events where people remember *your Company’s name and add more crowns to contract payment.

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    I like the concept.Can’t say that all “+” and “-” balanced and interesting, but as an idea – good.

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