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    Hello everyone, here are a few suggestions:

    Company level: right now the only thing that can lvl up are brothers, perhaps if the company itself could lvl up it could bring more flavour to the game. Let’s say, if the company level is really low, you only get low lvl mission and companions, but as your lvl grows, better mercenaries become avaiable and you get better missions, etc. Maybe a boost from morale, for being in a respectable company and so would be nice too.

    Logs: it would be really nice to see all the brothers that served in the company, as well as how much damage they did and took and how many they killed. I believe that adding “earnable” traits would be nice as well, like kill 50 enemies and get a small boost to damage, or receive X damage and get small resistance to damage (adding scars to the brother would be really cool too!)
    Any thoughts?

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    In the FAQ they stated that they will add more stats about the brothers, but It may not be a priority, I’d really like to see more statistic too, It’s kinda nice to know how makes more kills of the whole brothers. As we have a battle report, it would be nice at least to have the number of kills next to the brothers name, while we wait for more detailed stats.

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