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    Hi. One thing I am a bit confused about… I had purchased some medical supplies, and a while later, they were no longer in my Stash.

    Fair enough, I figured they were used up during the last camp out.

    But, then I noticed that the Medical Supplies display at the top of the screen (on the strategic map) shows I still have some.

    I check in my Stash, and there’s no supplies, nor does any of my characters have any in their backpacks.

    So… ya, I’m confused.

    Avatar photoRusBear

    medicines, tools and ammunition – are displayed in the inventory unit only during the purchase / loot collection. Then they automatically go from the inventory unit in the, so to speak, the baggage , which is displayed on the global map. and from there already being spent as needed (if you hover the mouse over them on the global map, will help – as edenits instruments and medicines you need)

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