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    Avatar photoGarriath

    Hi, I’m a longtime fan of the game, and just bought Warriors of the North. Unfortunately, the game is right now unplayable for me.

    Whenever I try to save the game or start a battle, it freezes, and eventually crashes. Of course this makes it impossible to play the game.

    I have made Avast exceptions for the game folder, the saved game folder, and BattleBrothers.exe.

    Avatar photoRap

    With Avast this may not be enough, I’m afraid. Other people have reported that they needed to uninstall it in order for it to finally stop messing with the game.

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    Avatar photoLordHylia

    I am having the same issue as well, where when ever it tries to save, either when I do it manually or via autosave it gets stuck and if I click anywhere tells me it is not responding and I have to close the program.

    for a week or so previously that I have been playing the game after a long while having been away it has been taking 20-40 second to save and been showing as ‘Not Responding’ in the task manager, but has pulled through after that. but as of today (though I had last attempted to save 3 days ago) the above has started happening.

    I do not have Avast! on my computer, I run AVG and Malwarebytes instead, and it doesn’t change when I set the Battle Brother folders as exceptions.

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