Topic: Contract militia in party use wrong avatars; %noblehouse2% shown in text


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    Image one shows Reynhart, a miltiaman with a dagger with axe skills

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    Image two shows Reynhart show what his avatar should really look like after taking damage

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    Image three shows a similar problem with another militiaman (including all others in this fight).

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    Unrelated bug, %noblehouse2% shows up instead of a noble house’s name in this text box. Should be a simple fix!

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    Game version is final update beta, updated to the latest version with save from start of beta release.

    P.S. Little grammatical nitpick, the girl in the last image says “it t’was”, but “’twas” is the correct contraction of “it” and “was”, where the apostrophe is in place of the letter ‘i’. Thanks!

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