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    Hello everyone.

    After several dozen hours of play I find that contract system is somewhat imbalanced (for me, at least). Contracts of independent settlements more profitable in long run (exp + money + may be even chance for rare items), then working with noble houses.

    Independents give good money for more or less easy works — werewolfs, cemetry (undead, graverobbers, gouls) and bandit lairs (items from leaders). Caravans, delivery. Even more good stuff can be obtained with hostile bounty hunters/mercenary quest twists. If settlement have some production you can just stockpile that resource for trade while working around (low prices). Even more, if there is independent city with some armour and weapon industry (cheap top equipment) or cluster of independent settelments nearby 2-3, you can just live a that region, travelling from town to town without any real trouble and eating up fat.

    Noble houses mostly give me patrols (can be very annoying in some world generations) and LOT of raids on orc and goblin camps, some of what very difficult (or impossible), occasional building raid.

    Currently find no hard incenitive to work with noble houses and build relations with them. By idea, this is higher tier of mercenary work then solving some remote village problems. But for what? Less money, more troubles.

    There is need for more rewards for working with noble houses? May be some unique equipment, super-profitable contacts, options?

    Or I forgetiing (dont know) something?

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    +1 I agree with this one, but the devs said there are more contracts on the way, maybe these will balance things.

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    Most unbalanced … frankly – useless – it is a high value contracts on “deadly” for orcs (8 or more Orc Warriors). if you are weak – you lose half of the team or start again, if you are level 11 you lose good weapons and armor to repair the amount of excess payment in several times. It is only on foreign Streams wonderful to watch as this contract ends streamer’s try. In own game – if I play for the company of mercenaries, what conclusion can I do – well, never again to take contracts for the orcs. It is the goal of developers – to lose the content of the game? Well, “ok”, in this case. And it would be good to review the loot in such contracts – “named” or even legendary human weapon, some hidden treasures or continuing quest, the addition to the flag – the standard of the group – something like orcs winner. Anything but give me the sense to fight with orcs (if someone thinks that his penis will be bigger from the fact that he after 5 loads win unbalanced enemy – it his problem).
    Now, after the introduction of the updated perk tree developers will have a lot of work on balancing the game, it’s time to balance and this. It is high time.

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    Anything but give me the sense to fight with orcs (if someone thinks that his penis will be bigger from the fact that he after 5 loads win unbalanced enemy – it his problem).

    hahaha dont think anybody do so.. otherwise it would be a nice marketing concept ^^

    I like fighting orcs .. no proplems with them…always hard.. but mostly possible to defeat with some “orc” tactics.
    i avoid goblin contracts. because i dont have reliable tactics against them. hate this little ******* XD

    think you have to wait for more content and new perk/injury system etc. after that.. it make sense to talk about balancing etc.

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    Goblins aren’t that hard (but still pretty hard lol) once you figure out their exploitable weaknesses:
    Poor health
    Over reliance on ranged

    Just rush them with kite shields at night and you’re golden

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    I am playing on deadly without loading , like it will be with iron man modus . And i never do noble house contracts , they are just too hard . I have to admit though , i didnt get even close to max level with any of my guys yet . I had several runs up to day 100 , but then things seem to get tougher and i do some mistakes or encounter new stuff . Like last time , i actually accepted a goblin contract because it looked rather easy . But then they had prepared a trap for me and instead the skirmishers , ambushers and the overseer , there been lots of wolfriders who had sourrounded me :P

    Maybe a tip for harry : goblin bows work badly during night :)

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    I’ve always found the patrols to be massive money makers. I don’t care what I get paid before or after, I negotiate the per head fee as high as I can. Then Bandit raiders, young orcs, etc. are getting me 100+ / head! Plus the noble doesn’t care where you take the heads. I wander all over the map. I’ll finish the patrol w/ 50 or more heads, and Ka-CHING!! Those crowns just pile up!

    Edit: Getting a noble house to like you is very helpful as their big citadels usually have weapon and armor smiths.

    In a single player game, there's no such thing as cheating. It's merely "creative manipulation of the default settings"!

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