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    The trouble I have with maces is that the tier-1 and tier-2 ones (the bludgeon and morning star) both look a lot cooler than the tier-3 winged mace. Additionally, the tier-2 star looks like it actually ought to do more damage than its more “advanced” counterpart. So I amass the cheap and abundant bludgeons at the start of the game, but then, as more mercs advance in melee skill and become eligible for weapon masteries, I think “well, I want them to do more damage, but winged maces are so expensive and so rare as loot, whereas we’ve already looted a whole arsenal of spiked flails that look even cooler than morning stars, so maybe I should forget maces and make them master flails, or maybe I should just make them master swords and switch them to two-handers once they’ve got enough armour and/or melee defence …”

    But if there was a tier-3 mace that looked even cooler than the morning star (maybe a vicious spiked version of the bludgeon) then I’d stake everything to get them in my arsenal …

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    Game tries to stay with realistic looks on weapons aswell as the game simulates medival realism pretty well to some extent.
    Especially when it comes to prices. Winged maces werent nearly as common as swords and were specialized weapons against plate armor. So its uncommoness adds to the price, aswell as they werent as easy to craft compared to other more simpler designed maces.

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