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    I think it would be interesting if there were certain crafting materials that you could encounter along your journey that would allow you to go to high-skilled smith and make some really excellent gear. I’m thinking something like chunks of meteoric steel that could be made into exceptional arms and armor. Additionally you might be able to find vaguely magical gems that could be put into the pommels of new or existing weaponry to add special characteristics.

    I was also thinking that after max level is achieved, it would be cool if there were a new skill tree that were unlocked. These might not be things that would play into combat per se, but would be neat little things so that you can still have fun with your brothers advancing. I’m thinking traits that maybe help with bartering (better prices), or perhaps arcane knowledge that would allow you to forge weapons of great power. Maybe something that gives you a little boost to map-speed. Perhaps ‘tactics’ that will allow you to move your people around before combat starts (the more levels of skill you have in tactics, the more people and/or the further you could move them). Something that would make it much harder for your brothers to be ambushed, and perhaps even do some ambushing yourself. A skill that allows you to discern exactly who you’re fighting (at high levels, you can even see some of their gear). These are just a couple ideas.

    I also think it would be cool if provisions did different things. Strange meat, for example, seems ok to eat (weirdly). Alcohol doesn’t seem to do much, and grain seems just as good as bread. (We have 49,000 gold, and you’re buying me flour to eat? Ok, you’re the boss…). Also I think map-speed should perhaps be tied to how much you’re carrying, and draft animals and/or mounts should play a roll both on the world-map, and perhaps the mini-map too (how cool would that be, mounted combat…). Heck, horseback riding might be something unlocked after Level 11.

    These are just a few ideas I had. Thanks for the game. 200+ hours in and still loving it.

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