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    Battle Brothers continues to be an amazing game! Just had to get that in there.

    The game crashed for me recently at the start of a new battle. After multiple attempts to reload the autosave (tactical screen would load, then hang with hourglass icon as soon as I clicked to move somone), I tried to start a new campaign, but now it locks up when loading the first tactical battle.

    The error message that pops up is: “A critical exception was raised at the hardware level. The program will now terminate. Stacktrace: + Function: onHide() – File: scripts/states/world_state.nut:491”

    log.html, autosave and dxdiag attached. No screenshot, but it was just the intro loading screen to that first tactical battle.

    Avatar photoJason Lutes

    Whoops, some files didn’t upload. Should be able to download them from here.

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