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    Experienced a crash a couple of weeks back and have been unable to play since.

    If memory serves, I was in-game on the options menu, adjusted the master audio volume and then quickly clicked the “done” button (or equivalent). The game hung, and alt-tabbing out I saw some error messages which I neglected to record. Since then, I have been unable to load any savegames. I can start a new campaign, but the game hangs when I complete the intro mission (I guess while it’s loading the world map?). I verified game cache, uninstalled and reinstalled with no change. Then uninstalled, deleted all BB content that was not removed by uninstall, reinstalled to no effect. Somehow this bug/crash has made it impossible for me to play BB at all.

    Attached screenshots show error messages that show when I try to load a saved game. The attached savegame is the one in which the problem originally occurred.

    My feeling at the time of the original crash was that me changing master volume and then clicking quickly to close the options window somehow triggered the crash.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Please attach it again zipped, or send it to

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