Topic: Crash: updateVisibilityForFaction in onMovementFinish of actor

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    This is a completely vanilla issue, even though it was observed in a modded game. The reason I did not reproduce it in a vanilla game is because the situation is extremely hard and time consuming to reproduce – but it can happen.

    Describe the bug
    The game crashes when an Unhold uses Sweeping Strike and knocks a bro back, but the Unhold dies before the bro has finished being knocked back to a tile. The game crashes in some kind of updateVisibilityForFaction function, because the Unhold is dead. Possibly that function needs a check for if the actor is still alive.

    To Reproduce
    Steps to reproduce the behavior:

    1. Surround an Unhold with bros and use Riposte.
    2. Let the Unhold attack and trigger it in a way that he knocks back a bro, but the Riposte from the other bro kills the Unhold.
    3. As the Unhold dies before the knocked back bro lands on his tile, the game crashes.

    Here is a video of it happening. Again, the video is from a modded game because the situation is tedious to reproduce, but the issue is not caused by any mod.

    In the onMovementFinish function of actor, there is an if statement which says:

    if (this.Tactical.TurnSequenceBar.getActiveEntity() != null && this.Tactical.TurnSequenceBar.getActiveEntity().getID() != this.getID())

    The issue happens because this if block runs when the Unhold is dead (Unhold is the active entity). Therefore, the if should include a check for the active entity being alive, or such a check should be baked into updateVisibilityForFaction.

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    Thanks for reporting this.

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