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    Avatar photoIoci

    so exiting seeing those ancient armor style wearing skeletons on the latest dev blog.

    are these equipment cursed? i mean randomly give the wearer a trait if he wears one of those cool stuff.

    for example, wearing a piece of super cool ancient armor will randomly pop up a event after a battle that give the very wearer a curse which at the beginning, the curse buffs the character, but latter the curse will get worse, makes the character paler and weaker, the only way to temporally remove the debuff of the curse is to wear\swing nothing more than the ancient armor\weapon\shield.

    do you like this ideal? will it be achievable?

    Avatar photoMerkwuerdigliebe

    And blessed weapons. Buff against undead, to be purchased with a limited duration at the temple.

    Avatar photoNed Stark

    I think this could be a DLC later on (blessed/cursed weapons, some additional story).

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    Avatar photoGrove_Knight

    I think this would be an excellent addition. I was thinking something like a helmet that maybe boosts sight/range, but reduces max hp or gives a negative trait. And being cursed, it only makes sense that that battle brother can never remove the helmet again!

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