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    Right now skirmish mode seems incomplete and barebones. You can’t choose anything besides battle scenario and starting gear (which is also really limited). Your guys are also skilless potatoes.

    It would be really great to see the ability to:

    • Create and save human characters with customizable stats, perks, wounds, backgrounds, etc.
    • Create loadouts from any in-game items, including armor attachments, named items and other stuff.
    • Combine the two, making a unit preset. And using human units from base game – nobles, bandits, etc.
    • Choose the map type, weather, time of the day, unit placement pattern (ambush, for example).
    • Pick any in-game monsters units as foes. Or maybe even as playable critters?
    • Save collections of units as teams, use your companies from campaign saves, being able to share your dream teams, etc.
    • Place multiple parties, just watch as a spectator or even play multiple parties hotseat-style.
    • Have a random battle with certain parameters.

    Why I think this game would benefit from that:

    • It would be nice to test different loadouts, character builds and so on without needing to spend a lot of effort and time to get there first. Also to instantly test them in different environments.
    • It could find a lot of niche usages. For example, your friend sends you his company and you try to defeat it with yours. Or to use it to test and learn game mechanics better. Or maybe having a roleplay session and using this as your combat mechanic.
    • This way we also could have really brutal and messy fights without worrying about losing guys. I tend to end up savescumming sooner or later and that kinda spoils it for me sometimes.
    • Simply messing around would be nice too. I tremendously enjoy this game’s combat, but I don’t always have time for lengthy campaigns to get to the good stuff. However, I enjoy mid to late game fights much more.
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