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    1. Custom banners

    The premade banners look really good, but there is only a handful of them and personally I don’t like using one more than once.
    With the current system I’m assuming ingame banner customization is unlikely, how about a system that lets us add our custom made banners in to the game?
    You could release white versions of the current banners without any heraldry for the community and let them add their own colors and images.
    This kind of system could also be utilized for adding in custom houses, greenskin tribes and other factions for the generation to pick from.

    2. Custom voicepacks

    Much like with custom banners, custom voicepacks would be an easy way for the community to add variety to the game (see XCOM 2).
    As far as I know the character voices in the game are just pain/death grunts, however I think thats all the more reason to add a system like this: a handful of pain sounds is a lot easier to gather up than callouts for different special attacks etc.


    3. Shield painting

    Gear being all over the place fits early game, but as the gold starts rolling in it’d be nice be able to show it visually too.
    Gameplaywise it could also be used to quickly distinguish your troops from the enemy, or soldiers using different weapon types.
    Maybe a more expensive option to have the banner image painted on?

    4. Optional customizing of your original 3 soldiers in the beginning

    What it says on the tin. A good portion of my runs I have noticed myself aiming for the big cities with the main purpose of finding a magic barber to give my soldiers the look I want.
    Another reasoning could be that with picking their look in the beginning could give the player a more familiar feeling with them, as they share with the leader character.
    Sometimes I just want to get in on the action as soon as possible though, so this should be more of an ‘hidden’ option (maybe a button in the screen where you name your company) for those of us that like customizing our experience to the limit.

    5. This hairstyle

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