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    I just noticed in the game, that the little icons your battle brothers can have for the two traits “Dastard” and “Determined” are a bit misleading.
    Just a minor thing, but the one which is actually positive for you “Determined” has a red flag, and the bad one “Dastard” has a blue flag.
    On the battlefield, the colours are exactly swapped.
    If your guys have high morale they have a blue flag, if the enemy has high morale they have a red flag.

    So for the traits red is good, on the battlefield blue is good.
    Maybe change “Determined” to a blue flag and “Dastard” to a white one?
    Red could look a bit odd for the latter, due to the fire in the background.

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    Never noticed it, you are right! “Dastard” would logicly be white.

    “Determined” / Moral Buff – The blue flag may possibly change with the customisable flag that will come in the future.

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