Topic: Davkul Cult Origin: Can’t Find Cultists

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    My friends and I have been having a very hard time making anything of the Davkul Cult Origin. Specifically, there doesn’t seem to be any reliable method to gain Cultists. They’re a rare recruit type, while the random events that can give you extras are infrequent and outside your control. Given that Cultists are the only background that will stay with your company in the long-terms, I’m not sure what you’re meant to do to develop your roster when you can’t find any of them.

    I gave up on my latest attempt at a Cultist run when the first sacrifice came around and I had gotten no new Cultists anywhere – nobody in town, nobody from events, nada.

    The concept behind the origin is entertaining, but as-is it seems somewhat nonfunctional in the sense that I cannot actually find brothers to make a company out of.

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    I agree, currently it seems weird that although it says that you are more likely to find cultists, it seems to be hardly noticable.

    But don’t forget that you dont necessarily only have to get cultists, i filled my squad with normal members and eventually some got converted. But yeah, whish you would find more, since most of them are coming along with bad stats.

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