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    What I was thinking might be cool is a selection of starting setups that might sculpt how you play the game initially and later on, through varied starting characters, gear, relations and money, and a prevailing modifier on the campaign as a whole.

    With the base setup being… pretty much the same, with no modifiers… and by switching the origin scenario you might end up with something like…

    (Sorry for the typo^^ *Travelling *Root)

    The flag, the company name, and the backstory would come pre-prepared based on a theme (i.e. A travelling act), but could be edited to present the same initial/prevailing modifiers and characters under a different Name, Backstory and Banner.

    So for instance, in the example provided, we can keep the -25% Noble Relations, -75% Initial Crowns, +25% Company Morale, a Juggler, a Minstrel, a Caravan-Hand but change everything else, or obviously swap to an alternate scenario more suited to what we have in mind.

    The starting units and their backgrounds are important in establishing tone and theme, whilst the modifiers would be useful for dictating the tone of a run.
    For instance;
    -A Beggar mercenary force receive 75% less coin on all contracts, and start with a beggar, a cripple and a refugee
    -A Scorned nobleman starts at war with a random faction with a hedge knight and squire
    -A Foresters guild gets a passive buff to range and a nerf to melee, and has 2 hunters and a bowmaker.

    To expand that idea, the initial battle and quest might be based on the scenario, so in this instance we might be being pursued by an angry mob, in another scenario some grave robbers might have to fight off zombies, in another scenario a hedge knight might have to kill 3 bandits, so on and so forth.

    Avatar photoHanekem

    Cool idea, reminds me of the old Pirates game, with all the start up options.

    Actually, I had a similar idea to this one, less developed than yours and it not only would add replay value, but depth to the game

    Avatar photoSuperCaffeineDude

    Cheers, I tried to combine a few ideas there, otherwise they seem a bit pointless, self imposing the rules when the game has an optimal playstyle is quite hard, as is setting out to have a beggar army when you start with a burly axe-man, ranger and tank/support, so I’d appreciate having setups like these to mix up my playstyle.

    What I also thought, along that trail of thought, is that it might also be cool is if you had a customizable character portrait (I think most people would like that much), that you can maybe equip basic/unlockable items with fancy company-wide modifiers, that you might get from completing quest, like saving some poor beggars to get a beggar’s robes.

    So for example…

    Beggar’s Robes: A poorly made robe, as weathered by hardship as its wearer and ever-promising to lighten the burden of others.
    Cost of recruiting beggars, refugees, flagellants and cripples are reduced by 50%, the price of food is 15% lower. Recruiting other tradesmen costs 25% more, and noble tradesmen a further 25% Selling yields 15% less money.

    Thorny Crown: A symbolic token that pleads the holy follow your lead.
    Priests and flagellants are 25% less expensive, resolve is improved by 30%
    Recruitment of roguelike citizens is 50% more expensive.

    Flamboyant Attire: A suit that assaults the eye and screams that you can make them rich
    All recruitment costs are lowered by 15%

    Fabulous Hat: Such a hat oozes daring and charm, it radiates confidence and competence all at once.
    Resolve is improved by 5% happiness 10%

    Copper Crown: Any man may wear a crown, and challenge the established order.
    Criminals are 35% cheaper to recruit, others 15% more. Noble relations are 50% reduced

    Inverted Surcoat: The jacket resonates with the scorned and scornful men who followed so called better men
    Deserters cost 50% less, good citizens 15% more.

    Etc. Maybe that’s a separate suggestion though lol.

    Avatar photoSuperCaffeineDude

    Just to show off how it might work and look with other scenarios based around the flags…
    Pros and cons based on how violant these men are
    Pros and cons based around being poor
    Pros and cons based around relying on luck

    Avatar photoCahyahte

    This could add depth to the sandbox gameplay, I like this idea.

    Avatar photoAvanne

    I love the idea and your mock-ups. It definitely would add replay value and give a little more flavor to the sandbox

    Avatar photoSuperCaffeineDude

    I’d like to think it’d encourage multiple playthroughs, and might work well given the devs talked of rejigging company-morale/mood/stuff and a big bad enemy, FTL definitely had that sort of interesting style with your ship and its initial crew, augments and weapons. Rimworld also had something similar for lower-skilled modders to change the starting scenario.

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