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    Hey guys, great game!

    I have a question about how to get the Direwolfarmor. My Inventory is full with Direwolfpelts and I also have a Tailor, but no matter how long I camp, he doesn’t produce the Armor. What am I missing?


    Avatar photophara0h

    Your tailor must be level six, I believe. The event will pop randomly, camping or not. It uses two pelts and will only happen once (I think) per tailor.

    Avatar photoTeut

    Thanks a lot, mate!

    I don’t mind a level requirement, but I think from then on you should be able to craft anything you have the ingredients and personnel for as often as you want.

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    Damn it all. I wish someone had told me they needed to be level 6. I hired a not-too-talented tailor and kept him on reserve the whole time.

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